Science Telementoring and Research (STaR) Program

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About the STaR Program

The STaR Program is a unique live remote mentoring and research experience incorporating bioinformatic analysis and data science methodology, and combines a year-long remote research experience with a hands-on summer research component to offer high school science scholars the opportunity to conduct an original scientific research project. More than just a remote research internship, the science curriculum developed and geared towards rising junior and senior students accepted into the STaR Program includes: opportunities to present at prestigious regional and national science competitions; collaborations with faculty who are up-and-coming leaders in their fields; tailored science workshops to deepen their knowledge; and experienced STEM Directors and coaches to provide supportive feedback that encourages a STaR scholar’s success, in line with our philosophy of building students’ experiences around their natural interests and innate intellectual strengths.

Students in the program develop several essential skills:

Deliverables for STaR Program Scholars


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Meet the Program Founders

Randolph S. Faustino, PhD, Program Founder

Randolph S. Faustino, PhD (STaR Program Founder & Scientific Director)

Claudia C. Preston, MD, Program Co-Founder

Claudia C. Preston, MD (STaR Program Co-Founder & Educational Director)